SCSI Control App

SCSI Control is the Android app for SCSI2Pi, PiSCSI and RaSCSI. With SCSI Control you manage multiple boards, emulated devices, image files, device profiles and much more. In addition, you stay up to date by push messages with news on SCSI2Pi and PiSCSI. The app directly communicates with SCSI2Pi/PiSCSI/RaSCSI on the Pi.
SCSI Control is available on Google Play, supports Android 7.0 and newer and requires SCSI2Pi since release 1.0 or PiSCSI/RaSCSI since release 21.10. For the full set of features SCSI2PI 2.0 is required.
If there ever was a niche product for other niche products, then it's SCSI Control ;-).

The most prominent features