SCSI Control App

SCSI Control is the Android app for SCSI2Pi, PiSCSI and RaSCSI. SCSI Control manages multiple boards, emulated devices, image files, device profiles and much more. In addition, you stay up to date by push messages with news on SCSI2Pi and PiSCSI. The app directly communicates with SCSI2Pi/PiSCSI/RaSCSI on the Pi.
SCSI Control is available on Google Play, supports Android 7.0 and newer and requires either SCSI2Pi or PiSCSI/RaSCSI since release 21.10. For the full set of features SCSI2Pi is required.
If there ever was a niche product for other niche products, then it's SCSI Control ;-).

The most prominent features

Most features of the SCSI Control app are available with SCSI2Pi and also with RaSCSI/PiSCSI. The latest features require SCSI2Pi.

Management of multiple boards and configurations
Server information display
Overview of the available devices and image files
Attaching and detaching devices
Ejecting and inserting removable media
Write-protecting media
Displaying and configuring device properties like SCSI device name and sector size
Maintaining device profiles and device groups
Merging of device groups
Creating, deleting, renaming and copying image files
Intelligent filtering of device types and image files
Optional exclusion of uninteresting device types
Setting the default image folder
Setting the log level
Reservation of device IDs
Predefined device profiles
Reverting operations (Undo)
Optional push messages with news on the SCSI2Pi and PiSCSI projects
Shutdown of SCSI2Pi/RaSCSI/PiSCSI or shutdown/reboot of the Pi ✅ RaSCSI/PiSCSI since 21.12
Support for the SCSI printer device and the host services ✅ RaSCSI/PiSCSI since 22.05
Displaying the SCSI2Pi/PiSCSI statistics ✅ PiSCSI since 23.11
Optional push messages when the statistics signal errors ✅ PiSCSI since 23.11
Display of the current s2p properties ✅ SCSI2Pi since 3.1
Saving the current configuration as properties in /etc/s2p.conf ✅ SCSI2Pi since 3.2